Starlight Studio and Art Gallery
In the Gallery
Ubiquitous Benevolence
Larry Allen
Opening Reception
Friday, March 6th

Artist Statement
By combining various textures, such as plaster of Paris; Fierro, pumice, crackle and acrylic paint, I create 3D touchable abstract paintings that depict extensions of freedom, justice and equality. Each composition invites physical touch that heightens senses - providing the viewer a more personal window into expressions of universal love. My paintings display compassion for human existence.
“As long as the world revolves; art culture shall continue to document its history”…Larry Allen

Current Exhibit in the Blue Sink Cafe
Above the Northern Lights
Paul C

Looking for a special gift or you just have a really exciting idea for an art piece? Starlight Artists will do commissions! If you are interested please call Starlight Studio at 716-842-1525 or come to the gallery at 340 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo NY.
Check out some of some of the commissioned art works HERE!

Community Exhibitions:
Installation by Lily Booth and Starlight Artists for echo @ Canalside

Thank you to everyone who voted for us! We are so pleased to announce that we have WON the People's Choice Award for our installation "SHADE" for echo @ Canalside. Thank you to Lily Booth for your direction and dedication in leading this project with the Starlight Artists!

Starlight Artist Video Projects
Check out our artist videos on Vimeo!

About Starlight
Starlight is a vibrant art studio and gallery located in downtown Buffalo, NY. Created by LDA of WNY, we support adults with disabilities in their artistic development. Along with exhibitions by the Starlight artists, our public gallery is available to the community for other exhibitions.

Want to Donate to Starlight?
We appreciate donations of all sizes as they go towards the sustainability of this program and the artistic development of our participants.

*We also accept cash, check or card. Please contact us to make a donation, or

*Make checks payable to the Learning Disabilities Association of WNY and mail to:
Starlight Studio
340 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY, 14202

Starlight has received generous support from:


-The John R.Oishei Foundation

-The James H. Cummings Foundation

-and The Castellani Family,
In Memory of Eleanor Castellani